Pie Attack is an arcade game that leaves the player in splits. If you are pie lover and are also passive aggressive, this game is perfect for you. Want to take out your anger? Play Pie attack! The game demands that the player be vigilant and aim for the bad guys. Pie Attack is a strategic game that challenges the player to tap quickly and correctly to take out the villains in the game. The player must always be on the lookout and can aim with accuracy so that they earn more points but also eradicate the evil characters in the game.

Pie Attack is simple to understand. The player has several pies on hand which they must aim at various characters to earn more points. The characters could range anywhere from a clown to an old grandmother. The players must strategically throw pies only and only at the evil characters. If they hit an innocent person or one of the good guys, it is game over. Pie Attack becomes interesting especially when there are many more windows to aim at and characters begin to appear simultaneously. The player must be able to divide their attention and aim for all the bad guys.