Loco Motive is a game which incorporates some brilliant dynamics with compelling gameplay. Controlling an interconnected junction of railroads, you must ensure the safe passing of each train without a crash. The trains are of different sizes and the only way to control them is by tapping on them which speeds them up, therefore the game seems easy.

However, what makes the game even more gripping is the level of difficulty which you must face as you keep progressing further. Train traffic significantly increases on the junctions and your fingertips can barely keep up, many trains hurl towards each other and limiting their speeds is a nearly impossible job. An interesting fact about this game is that your success at it is not dependent on your reflexes, in fact this game demands a more logical approach for triumph. Your score increases by one every time you safely transport each train across this crisscross web of tracks, if you crash, you start over. This feature makes the game highly addictive as you try to best your score every time you play.