Blocking Bugs is a fun, challenging and addictive game. In this game, you must use your spider to build webs across the screen and occupy screen space with those webs. Construct webs across the required amount to progress through the various levels of the game. Seems simple? This game is far from it. While you build webs across the screen, you must beware of the other bugs roaming freely on the screen, if they touch your web while they roam freely, you lose a life. You are given a limited amount of lives and if you exhaust them all, you must start over.

Blocking Bugs has some great game dynamics which bring out the best of the game. While you toil hard to occupy the prerequisite screen space, the game requires you to be vigilant and analyse each move while watching the movement of the other insects on the screen. As you progress further, the game gets even tougher, with faster insects and more screen percentage required to be webbed. All this makes the game real challenging and addictive.