Lane Battles is a one player html5 car racing game, that keeps players thinking and on their toes. In Lane Battles, players control a car which is racing against its rival on a circuit. Both cars travel in opposite directions on the two race tracks, now players must successfully complete as many laps as they can without colliding with the rival car. Things get tricky as the rival car keeps switching lanes on turns and thus this forces you to switch lanes to survive longer. Every lap you complete increases your score by one, if you crash, you start over. Can you beat the Gamezop leaderboards with a high score of your own?

Lane Battles has some sharp visuals which are apt and realistic, the game also features some great sound effects which complement a fun and peppy background score. The game boasts of some simple controls which require you to tap to change your car’s lanes, so all you must do is keep changing lanes to progress in this game.