Cut jelly in perfect slices! Don’t let them slip from your fingers! In this fun arcade game, you only need to cut jelly into perfect pieces. There are stars strewn across the jelly and it is your job to keep an eye on the stars too! Cut the jelly so evenly that every sliced piece contains only one star!  Slice the jelly before your moves run out! Play strategically and think before each move you make. Can you slice the gooey jelly in time or will they slip through your fingers?

In Jelly Slice, all you must do is slice jelly in such a way that each slice has only one star in it. In this level-based arcade game, you must slice jelly using horizontal or vertical lines. Once sliced, there is no going back. But you get multiple chances to improve your score in each level. As the levels progress, the number of stars to cut too, increase. Be careful of your number of moves in each level, some may have four but others may have just two. Play logically and think before each move! Slice jellies into perfect squares and make your mark on the Leader boards!