Attention Span is a game which lives up to its name like no other. This is a logic and time based knowledge game which is humbling and sometimes humiliating. Attention Span is a test of your knowledge through a simple quiz, however the questions of the quiz are complex and answering each of them before the buzzer is very difficult. The questions have an identical format and each one proves to be an even better brain teaser than its predecessor.

All you must do in this game is guess the right colour and tap on the right answer of the given 3 options, seems simple, to be honest it is simple, or it should be simple. Hence the questions are a set of words spelling a colour, although the colour in which they are written is different. You must select the right colour filling that word. What makes this game interesting but confusing at the same time is this, that when you play the game there is a strict time limit for each answer. Therefore, it becomes very difficult and any break in your attention forces you to start over. Your score increases with every right answer you give and you start over every time you answer wrong.